Executive summary

So here we find ourselves, on our trip which we have been “planning” (or at least talking about) for the last two and a bit years. Those who have been around either Thomas or myself would have undoubtedly heard about what we are looking to do. We will be buying motorbikes in Vancouver and riding them over the next 8-12 months to Ushuaia on the Southern tip of Argentina.

Thomas and I first met in Bratislava in Slovakia around June 2012. I had finished my ski season in Val Thorens, France and had decided to travel east from Paris after running into some troubles changing my plane ticket (I had initially wanted to go to Spain and Portugal for 3 weeks, but the earliest flight I could get was 2 months away). We met in a hostel, and went out for a beer and it all went downhill from there.

We found ourselves  6 weeks later in Istanbul, after having traveled through Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Romania. Sitting on an island in Istanbul we came up with the idea of this trip and since then it has been all we have been thinking about.

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